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A Decade in Tech

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A lot can happen in ten years. In 2007, Grossman Dorland Recruiting (gdR) opened its doors. As we reflect on this milestone, we are hopeful that we’ve made a significant difference in the tech community. Take a look at the following infograph to see what gdR has accomplished in a decade and what our objectives are moving forward. Onward and Upward The last 10 years have been a great su... continue reading >

With gratitude, Melissa & Bruce…

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January 2017 marks our 10 year anniversary giving us an opportunity to reflect on our role in assisting in the growth of Canadian tech. Since day one, we made a conscious decision to work with innovative entrepreneurs, fast-paced companies, and creative people, which has made the experience fulfilling and dynamic everyday. Thank you to all of our friends in the community and our former colleagu... continue reading >

Why is gdR making a move into the leadership coaching space?

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We listened to the community gdR was founded with one core objective in mind - help grow the Canadian tech ecosystem. What better way to make an impact than by helping people that drive the ecosystem forward. After close to ten years of recruiting for many of Canada’s top tech companies and connecting with thousands of people, we’ve learned that there is so much unrealized potential. Truth... continue reading >

The Toronto tech community is missing out on a big opportunity to share. Here’s what we’re doing about it.

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Toronto’s startup community includes a number of companies with great potential, an increasing amount of venture funding to support growth and a solid talent base. The ecosystem is really just beginning to mature. While there are a number of Meetups and a growing number of high-calibre events that highlight some of our top leaders in the community, there are few small settings that facilitate ... continue reading >