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The Benefits of Coaching | TheLuckyFew Podcast featuring Tara Rhodes

So I might be slightly biased, but a super talented coach I know, Tara Rhodes (full disclosure, she's a colleague at gdR), met up with Aaron Parker, the host of TheLuckyFew podcast, this week to talk about leadership coaching and development at gdR. As she describes it “there are all these companies that are growing and don’t know how, so when we talk about leadership development and coach... continue reading >

2016: Year in Review

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Whatever your opinion of 2016, there’s no denying it was an eventful year: there were tragedies around the world, we lost many artists, contested political decisions reverberated across Britain and the US... Thankfully, the news isn’t all bad, especially for the Toronto tech ecosystem. In 2016, TechToronto reported that tech now accounts for 15% of all jobs in Toronto, providing 17% of ... continue reading >

How Does the Referral Program work?

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  "Wait, are you serious?" is what we often hear when we talk about our referral program. I've been told it sounds too good to be true, but I promise you won't get Rickrolled if you click through. It's super simple - we pay you for helping a friend get a great new job! Here's how... 1. Stay on top of our open jobs. –  Check our job board at –  Follow us on Link... continue reading >

Let’s Make Work Great Again!

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Dear Canadians working in the U.S., Did you hear the news? Donald Trump won the U.S. election and a lot of Americans are not happy about this. So much so that they crashed the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website last night. The good news for you - you don’t need to worry about immigration laws. If you share the same thoughts as 59+ million Americans, including some of S... continue reading >