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Women in Tech Coaching Circle Series: Shut up or Shout Out?

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Someone in your workplace says something that throws you off guard. Could be an offhand remark. Could be a blatant use of language against you. Could be they didn’t even know it would offend you, it’s just that it brought up memories of other things. The result is you didn’t know what to say and you froze from shock or disbelief. Or possibly you dug your heels in and defended your position. ... continue reading >

Women in Tech Coaching Circle Series: How to Give Feedback in a Crucial Conversation

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One thing we know EVERYONE does not do well is giving (and receiving) feedback – it’s the first place we start our training at every organization we work at! Many of us think we are giving feedback to others in a constructive, non-hurtful way, and the reality is we often use judgmental, accusatory language that frames the other person as the one to blame, instead of focusing on the facts and b... continue reading >

Career Path Planning: Why it’s Important + Where to Start

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These days, it can feel that the only thing that is really constant is change. With all the amazing advances in technology, borders disappearing and the bar for knowledge increasing rapidly, it’s no surprise that we all have to keep ourselves in consistent personal and professional growth. "Change is inevitable. Progress is optional." - Tony Robbins It can all be pretty overwhelming an... continue reading >

Imposter Syndrome aka “WTF am I doing here?”

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You just went through a vigorous interview process at a company that you were so excited about joining. You beat out all the other candidates due to your technical knowledge, amazing people skills and personality fit with the company. Your onboarding process starts and you are starting to settle in. You feel you have so far made the right decision. Your manager says, ok, now go run with it, we kno... continue reading >