Throne of JS: Toronto dev conference hosts world’s top JavaScript pioneers

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On Friday, July 20th, Toronto played host to Throne of JS, a two-day conference focused on discussing and debating JavaScript frameworks. As a sponsor, we had the chance to attend the opening night event on Friday night at the Extension Room in the Distillery District.

The conference brought together the creators of every important client-side JS framework to try to answer the question that vexes many developers: “Which framework do I use and when?” This question seems especially timely, given today’s announcement of $11.2 Million of  funding for the continued development of open source JS framework Meteor.

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Looking to get hired by a startup? Here are 10 ways to stand out

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This post first appeared in StartupNorth on July 19, 2012.

Occasionally I interview a developer that really impresses me with their ability to make their profile come to life beyond their resume.

Want to know what makes these developers stand out? Here are my top ten tips for making a big impression. Many of these tips work for both a resume and, once that stellar resume gets you in the door, a job interview.

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Top 5 tips for recruiting a technical co-founder

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Ever thought of founding your own startup? Our guest contributor Joseph Puopolo took the leap when he recently launched Printchomp, a customized goods search engine for the print industry.

Since we meet with so many entrepreneurs and developers with startup ambitions, we asked Joseph to share some of the ups and downs in his own journey as a tech startup founder. Below, the entrepreneur and startup enthusiast shares some of the insights he gained while hunting for a technical co-founder for Printchomp. 

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How not to lose your development job to outsourcing

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One of the biggest threats to developers today is the outsourcing and offshoring of their jobs. How can developers make themselves so valuable to an organization that outsourcing is no longer a threat? To be more precise, how can developers today add more value to their organizations so that if tomorrow they’re faced with having their job offshored, they can adapt and grow within their company?

This is an issue that I recently discussed with a friend, Brian Parkinson, who also happens to be the Vice President, Architecture at Toronto-based Algorithmics (an IBM Company).

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