Debunking the Myths of Leadership Coaching

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Coaching has really increased in popularity. As much as you sports buffs may think I’m talking about athletic coaching, I am speaking from a personal growth perspective. Simply put, coaching is personal training that helps professionals reach their career goals, no matter where they are in the workforce – entry-level, CEO, and everything in between.

Much like how a personal trainer works your body, a coach works your mind, helping you develop the mental strength, emotional intelligence, and instinctive ability to problem solve and relate with others in the workplace.

Since this is a relatively new concept to many, I thought I would take a minute to debunk some myths I often hear. continue reading >

2016: Year in Review

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Whatever your opinion of 2016, there’s no denying it was an eventful year: there were tragedies around the world, we lost many artists, contested political decisions reverberated across Britain and the US… Thankfully, the news isn’t all bad, especially for the Toronto tech ecosystem. continue reading >