Dan Makoski: Why I’ll make more impact in banking than at Google

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Last week at the Design Exchange, Dan Makoski spoke on “deeply human design” and how it “can transform technology and business in profound new directions.” What everyone in the audience actually wanted to know was why he left Google to join a financial services company, Capital One, as its VP of Design. Not the typical move for an irreverent, out-of-the-box creative mind. But the banking sector is catching up quickly with the creation of innovation labs inside their organizations in an attempt to move its reputation from old school to mobile- and convenience-oriented customer experiences.

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Web performance impacts every metric that businesses care about

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At this year’s FITC Web Unleashed, Tammy Everts of San Francisco-based performance consultancy SOASTA spoke about web performance to a captive audience of developers. There’s no wonder the room was packed. Everts is a compelling speaker and doesn’t mince words when explaining why developers should care about web performance: it impacts every metric that businesses care about.

Here’s are some key points from her talk, or else check out Tammy’s slides on SlideShare.

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The year’s biggest web development event is just around the corner

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Developers are curious, creative and always looking for new challenges. In an industry constantly propelling itself forward, like technology, the biggest challenge is keeping up. Lucky for Toronto developers, one of the biggest web development events in the country is just around the corner to get you up-to-date on the latest trends.

gdR is a proud Community Supporter of Web Unleashed 2015 on September 16 & 7, 2015, an annual event that combines learning about web development and design, networking with likeminded professionals and social events that bring the Toronto tech community together. The event’s 50+ presentations will cover gaming, the frontend, JavaScript frameworks, UX, process and more, with speakers from international tech heavyweights like Google, Adobe, PayPal and Microsoft, as well as local leaders, like Shopify, Rangle.io and Idea Couture.

Interested in attending? Use code gdR and save $100 off your conference pass.

Three things Product Managers can do to enable Developers to be co-creators

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Speaking with Software Developers and Product Managers (PMs) at a recent lunch we hosted, it’s clear that they’re both motivated by many of the same things: curiosity, a sense of accomplishment when solving puzzles, an enjoyment of building tangible products.

The product/development relationship in many companies isn’t always smooth sailing, however, despite this shared love of creation. In the rush to get products out the door and into customers’ hands in an agile environment, developers can feel like “short-order cooks” being told what to do and how fast to do it by PMs, rather than true co-creators (our team liked this piece by former Box principle engineer Nicholas Zakas that describes how this dynamic makes developers frustrated).

Here are three ways that developers and PMs can better collaborate so that developers feel like co-creators rather than short-order cooks when cooking up software products.

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