Our goal is to act as your agent throughout your career. We'll help guide you to where you want to go in the future or, if you're ready for your next opportunity today, we'll share insights about companies you could be interested in or connect you with our top notch clients.

  • Agents

    We’ll save you a ton of time and effort job hunting, researching companies and preparing for interviews. We can represent you to multiple top tech companies (even get you multiple offers) including for un-posted jobs or jobs with startups that haven’t hit your radar.

  • Growth

    We designed our gdR Grow program to add value to your career on an on-going basis. Our team is always striving to facilitate a learning environment that develops tech leaders and helps the ecosystem thrive. We can all learn from one another, so we design events for tech folks that make that possible.

  • Insiders

    We’ve worked on winning tech and startup teams. We understand the hard work, creative thinking and dedication needed to excel at a cutting-edge tech company. Our passion is seeing everyone in the tech ecosystem thrive and helping you find where you fit in best.

  • Trends

    Want to hear about how the tech landscape is growing and how it might impact your career? Let’s chat. We pride ourselves on understanding the latest around hot products, emerging industries, hiring trends, and in-demand skills. We are active within the tech community, attending 50+ events per year, organizing gdR Grow events, sourcing community intelligence for our blog & facilitating Meetup communities.