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Four ways UX Designers can make their mark on an established product

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This post was made possible by having insightful conversations with a few great Toronto designers: Ricardo Vazquez, UI/UX Designer at Mozilla (@iamrvazquez), Alex M. Chong, Product Designer at Pivotal Labs (@alexmchong) and Huda Idrees, who has experience as a Product Designer at both Wave and Wattpad (@hidrees). Every UX Designer I’ve ever met with has one thing in common: they all want to lea... continue reading >

Developer working for a startup that was just acquired? Don’t let these six career-shaping opportunities pass you by

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Working for a startup that gets acquired can bring with it a mixed bag of emotions for many developers. While it can be a moment of validation for what you’ve been crafting for years, it can be scary and overwhelming as your small, autonomous startup transitions into a larger company. But while a common attitude toward startup acquisition and integration is cynicism,  you may actually be glossi... continue reading >

How do gdR’s Referral Rewards work?

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We often get questions about how our Referral Rewards work. Some people think it’s too good to be true. We pay you just for helping a friend get a great new job? Well, yeah. Here’s how it works. 1. Stay on top of our open jobs. -  Check our job board at -  Follow us on LinkedIn -  Follow us on Twitter @gdRTalent -  Create a Profile in our Jobs Portal. You'll receive occa... continue reading >

Five tips to help you build your dream team

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This post originally appeared on the Wave Accounting blog on Friday, September 21st. I was invited to contribute my perspective on hiring for small and midsize businesses to the blog's Small Business 500 series. Read the original post here.  A business is only as strong as its talent. This is especially true when you’re running a startup or midsize business, as many of my clients are. The... continue reading >