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Web Unleashed! Toronto’s biggest front-end developer event of the year

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On September 17th & 18th, nearly 580+ people packed into a wing of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for FITC’s Web Unleashed event, which brought together over 40 speakers on front-end development. Sessions dived into topics like developing for Virtual Reality, Swift, Responsive Design, Game Design, Mobile Web apps, HTML5, and modern JavaScript frameworks. Sessions were led by speakers th... continue reading >

New gdR Grow Events: Advanced topics and speakers to help you grow

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Our team is constantly meeting with hundreds of people who work at some of Toronto’s best startups and software companies. One thing that every one of them has in common is that they want to keep learning. They want to expand their toolkit with the latest and greatest, to undertake a career path that will help them grow into a leadership role, or understand how other teams solve tough architectu... continue reading >

gdR Partners With Toronto Homecoming to Showcase Startup Opportunities in Toronto to Canadians Abroad

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For years, established tech hubs abroad have attracted Canadian professionals into startup jobs. There, they help scale these startups, gain valuable experience about startup success, and contribute to the progress and economic growth of these vibrant cities. But the Canadian startup landscape today has changed. We’ve become increasingly competitive on the global stage, ranked as the fourth bes... continue reading >

Toronto’s Shifthub disrupts SMB scheduling space with help of Extreme Startups

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What’s it like to run a startup at Toronto accelerator Extreme Startups? How do you get in and how do you thrive? We decided to go there ourselves to get an insider opinion from James Woods, CTO of Shifthub, a mobile employee scheduling platform for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). The offering: find a sweet spot where you stand out James, a former Director of Product Management at... continue reading >