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How does the shift of Java 8 towards functional programming impact Scala?

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This post was made possible with the expertise of two local developers: Kenneth Rose, Principal Software Engineer at PagerDuty (who just returned from ScalaDays in Amsterdam) and Jason Goodwin, and experienced developer who has worked on complex technical products at companies like Rogers, mDialog and BlastRadius. Developers are solving problems at a bigger scale today than ever before. Functiona... continue reading >

5 growing pains your company will face when transitioning from chaotic startup to accelerating midsize

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Watching your software startup mature into a more sustainable midsize company can be a very exciting time. But this growth comes with a whole new set of challenges. How can a startup anticipate and take action on what lies ahead? To answer this, we asked Sean Doran, Director of Technology at Wave, about pain points they experienced while growing from a small 7-person startup in 2010 into the 70... continue reading >