Our objective is to accelerate talent, enabling people & tech companies to maximize their impact. Having coached and helped transform 100+ individuals to execs from the top tech companies in Canada, Silicon Valley, Seattle, NYC and places in between, our collective tech-focussed experience enables Grossman Dorland to provide relevant and impactful leadership development solutions. Our team is led by Mic Berman, who brings product and operational leadership experience from Freshbooks, Mozilla, Yahoo, McKinsey and her own startup, plus years of leadership development and coaching experience.


We work with companies ranging from early stage startups, to growth stage tech companies, and innovation labs that need to scale and grow their leadership capacity. We also help individuals in tech by providing one-on-one coaching services, designed to enable your personal growth or your transition into tech. All programs are personalized to your needs and can be as simple as on-demand assessments and mini coaching sessions, to programs aimed at leaders and managers, to 6+ month long coaching engagements to provide long-term impact.


For those that aren't familiar with coaching, simply put, coaching is personal training that helps professionals reach their goals, no matter where they are in the workforce ‚Äď entry-level, CEO and everything in between. Much like a personal trainer works your body, a coach works your mind, helping you develop the mental strength, emotional intelligence and instinctive ability to problem solve and relate with others in the workplace. Coaching can be applied in a number of situations.


Personal challenges?

- Unclear of how to get where you want to be in your career?

- Looking to pivot into a new position in tech (e.g., dev to product)?

- Trouble getting results from meetings you're leading?

- Challenges influencing people who you don't manage directly?

- Unclear how to build credibility & show results to your manager & the leadership team?

- Feel that you're not doing a great job coaching your team?

- Being given additional responsibility, but it's become overwhelming?


We typically start with a complimentary 15 minute phone conversation that allows you to ask questions and for us to determine what challenges you'd like to solve. Depending on your needs, we can provide micro-coaching sessions to coach you on a specific topic or we can start regular coaching sessions with structured objectives & measured results. Contact Tara Rhodes, Leadership Coach, at tara@grossmandorland.com to setup a time to speak.


Company challenges?

- First-time leads & managers that don't have experience truly leading?

- Team is growing rapidly, but it's created an environment that's impacted delivery & culture?

- Is your leadership team the right one to take you forward as you scale?

- Defining values, goals and getting traction has become a real challenge?


To learn more about our leadership development and coaching services for tech companies, contact Mic Berman, Leadership Development Leader, at mic@grossmandorland.com.