We're your trusted resource in talent recruitment. Connecting companies with top talent, we'll find you the perfect match. We are strategists. Thinkers. Community builders. Contributors. Our tech expertise, community involvement and commitment to helping the tech ecosystem grow puts us ahead of the game. We know the right people, and they trust us to represent them well.

  • Insiders

    That’s right. We’re insiders. We’ve worked in your companies – on winning tech and media teams. We know what skills and experience is required to not only succeed, but to excel in a position. People know us. They trust us. We are active within the community and connected to thought leaders and networks of talented professionals. We know when people are looking for their next career challenge. Our satisfaction is in helping you find them.

  • Consult

    You might be surprised at our approach. We come to you. To your office. Talk to you. Listen to you. Take the time to understand your needs. Your culture. When we meet with candidates, we know from our relationship with you whether they are a fit for your company.

  • Network

    We are strategic in our approach to finding talent. We know where the best talent works, and we are there to form relationships with them. Our database of 10s of 1000s of candidates that are segmented by expertise ensures a constant flow of talent. 70% of placements are referrals.

  • Hunt

    We don’t post and pray. We find top talent. We pursue top talent. And, we deliver them to you – fast. We are your brand ambassadors, promoting your company as if it’s our own. In essence, we are an extension of you. This is our attitude, and it works well. gdR and your reputation depend on it.