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The gdR team is just that – a team. The result is a finely-tuned engagement where team members in leadership system design, leadership coaching & training, research, talent acquisition and client management work in sync to produce results. This approach allows us to be a trusted partner of dynamic people looking to grow their tech careers and leadership capacity at progressive companies. We work with tech companies to expand their teams, up-level talent, and build high performance team practices. We strive to create opportunities for collaboration at our Canadian Tech at Scale conference and in supporting diversity in tech through our women in tech coaching circles.

Bruce Dorland

Managing Director

Melissa Grossman


Mic Berman

Partner - Leaders @ Scale

Wendy Firestone

Director of Talent

Brandon Shim-Ping

Director of Talent

Jamie Collins

Director of Talent

Mandy Cole

Talent + Client Manager

Tara Rhodes

Leaders @ Scale - Leadership Coach

Miranda Donald

Leaders @ Scale - Leadership Coach

Kate Boyle

Leaders @ Scale - Leadership Designer and Trainer

Nayna Trehan

Sr. Researcher

Travis Harvey

Sr. Researcher

Ruben Acuna

Finance Manager

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Tech Resources Guide

If you’ve been thinking about making the jump into tech, but don’t know where to start — we’ve got you! Check out our Tech Resources Guide for a list of our favourite publications, podcasts, Meetups/networking events, conferences etc… TechResources.gdR.jobs

Canadian Tech at Scale 2018

On June 1st, 2018 we continued with (one part of) our journey to grow the Canadian tech ecosystem by hosting the the third annual Canadian Tech at Scale conference in partnership with Jean-Michel Lemieux, SVP Engineering at Shopify. We built upon the success of the 2017 conference, bringing together even more of Canada’s top tech…

The “Bro Culture” + Our Intentions | Women in Tech Coaching Circle Series

Over a year ago we began to hatch ideas to support and impact the imbalance of women in tech. The culture that seemed to be pervasive in high-growth tech was – what the community termed the bro culture. It’s a seeming default based on the overwhelming profile of young men who are funded. In the…

Career Path Planning: Why it’s Important + Where to Start

These days, it can feel that the only thing that is really constant is change. With all the amazing advances in technology, borders disappearing and the bar for knowledge increasing rapidly, it’s no surprise that we all have to keep ourselves in consistent personal and professional growth. “Change is inevitable. Progress is optional.” – Tony…

Canada’s Brain Gain?

When Donald Trump was first elected as the 45th President of the United States, we wrote about how we wanted to make work great again for Canadians working in the US. But our argument for why was only rooted in the fact that a majority of the public were not happy about the decision. So…

Tech Dreams Series | Interview Tips

Every tech company has a different approach to interviewing. Some may employ a more traditional approach with questions focused on your experience and others may be as “out there” as the ol’ draw an owl approach. Regardless of their differences, there are always commonalities across the board. Below are a few of our favourite interview…

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Interested in learning more about our exec search, team recruitment or Leaders @ Scale leadership development practices? Are you an exec looking to get a better understanding of the Canadian tech landscape to see what’s out there? Get in touch with us via the contact us form or email Bruce Dorland, Managing Director, at bruced@grossmandorland.com.




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