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Web performance impacts every metric that businesses care about

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At this year’s FITC Web Unleashed, Tammy Everts of San Francisco-based performance consultancy SOASTA spoke about web performance to a captive audience of developers. There’s no wonder the room was packed. Everts is a compelling speaker and doesn’t mince words when explaining why developers should care about web performance: it impacts every metric that businesses care about. Here’s are... continue reading >

Three things Product Managers can do to enable Developers to be co-creators

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Speaking with Software Developers and Product Managers (PMs) at a recent lunch we hosted, it’s clear that they’re both motivated by many of the same things: curiosity, a sense of accomplishment when solving puzzles, an enjoyment of building tangible products. The product/development relationship in many companies isn’t always smooth sailing, however, despite this shared love of creation. In... continue reading >

Zero UI: human-centric interactions & the dissappearing screen

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At this summer’s SOLID conference in San Francisco, Andy Goodman of global design consultancy Fjord gave a talk about a topic we’ve often discussed on our team: the impact of the user interface (UI) moving away from screens and towards more intuitive, human-centric interactions like haptics, ambient intelligence and voice control. This will surely have implications for the way companies des... continue reading >

Four ways Java Developers are feeling the impact of microservices

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This post was made possible by speaking with several talented local Developers: Matthew Smith (Product Manager/Architect at Pivotal Labs), David Kiss (Sr. Java Developer at Sysomos) and Jagtesh Chadha (Software Engineer at Bibliocommons). With the increasing complexity of web applications and the rise of the cloud, DevOps and continuous delivery, there has been an increased move by software compa... continue reading >