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Top 5 tips for recruiting a technical co-founder

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Ever thought of founding your own startup? Our guest contributor Joseph Puopolo took the leap when he recently launched Printchomp, a customized goods search engine for the print industry. Since we meet with so many entrepreneurs and developers with startup ambitions, we asked Joseph to share some of the ups and downs in his own journey as a tech startup founder. Below, the entrepreneur and st... continue reading >

How not to lose your development job to outsourcing

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One of the biggest threats to developers today is the outsourcing and offshoring of their jobs. How can developers make themselves so valuable to an organization that outsourcing is no longer a threat? To be more precise, how can developers today add more value to their organizations so that if tomorrow they’re faced with having their job offshored, they can adapt and grow within their company? ... continue reading >

Toronto startup TrendSpottr uses big data to help brands stay ahead of the curve

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This post appears as part of our Leaders Series, conversations with tech and media leaders about influential trends and topics in their field.  Big data is a popular theme in tech headlines this spring. In light of this, we asked ourselves: what’s new and interesting in Toronto’s big data scene? In the headlines, big data search and monitoring company Splunk Inc. was the first company... continue reading > co-founder explains how a little website idea made it big

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In April, the gdR team attended SproutUp, Sprouter’s monthly social event for entrepreneurs, startups and Sprouter fans. What I was most curious to see at the event was guest speaker Matt Meeker, who co-founded in 2002. Meeker’s tale of success was not without a few bumps in the road: blowing their first $15M of funding without much to show for it (!), stubbornly refusing investo... continue reading >