gdR Partners With Toronto Homecoming to Showcase Startup Opportunities in Toronto to Canadians Abroad

Anna Starasts

August 20, 2014

For years, established tech hubs abroad have attracted Canadian professionals into startup jobs. There, they help scale these startups, gain valuable experience about startup success, and contribute to the progress and economic growth of these vibrant cities.

But the Canadian startup landscape today has changed. We’ve become increasingly competitive on the global stage, ranked as the fourth best city in the world to launch a tech company behind Silicon Valley, New York and London

Working with many of Toronto’s top startups has given gdR the privilege of an insider perspective to this phenomenal growth. Canadian software companies are growing into significant businesses with recognized brands. Companies like Shopify, Hootsuite, Wattpad and Desire2Learn raise millions in Venture Capital and attain global reach with their made-in-Canada products.

Today there is a big opportunity for Canadians who have left to work in tech hubs abroad to contribute to high-calibre tech startups right here in the Toronto region. A new program we’ve partnered with has seized on this opportunity. Toronto Homecoming’s Tech Startup Stream was launched in July 2014 to showcase to Canadian talent living abroad that an exciting, career-defining job in a tech startup doesn’t require leaving the Toronto region anymore. Returning to Toronto with international startup experience can even accelerate a career. Deep startup experience is less common here simply because our ecosystem is younger. People with international experience often find themselves in more influential, senior roles in Canadian startups.

The program comes to life in a three-day event taking place October 9 to 11, 2014. Successful applicants will have the chance to connect with the gdR team as well as a group of leading startups looking to hire talent that have lived and breathed startup success. We’ll be there to provide advice and insight into the startup ecosystem based on our six years of experience building teams for tech companies.

This is just one way that gdR has committed to helping the Toronto tech startup ecosystem grow and thrive.

Know someone who might be interested in Toronto Homecoming? Contact me at Anna AT for more details. Applicants need to have a link to Canada or be the partner of a Canadian, be in the early-to-mid stages of their careers, and live abroad currently but wish to return to the Toronto region.

Toronto Homecoming is an initiative of Civic Action’s Emerging Leaders Network, in partnership with Toronto Region Board of Trade. Toronto Homecoming has hosted more than 300 international participants over the past four years from over 25 different countries. Almost half of those participants are currently living in the region and many have found jobs with the program’s partners.

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