How Does the Referral Program work?

Jessica Rowen

December 15, 2016

“Wait, are you serious?” is what we often hear when we talk about our referral program. I’ve been told it sounds too good to be true, but I promise you won’t get Rickrolled if you click through. It’s super simple – we pay you for helping a friend get a great new job!
Here’s how…

Stay on top of our open jobs.


Connect us with the person you’d like to refer

You can do this by email, messaging on LinkedIn or Twitter, or giving us a call. Just let us know who you are referring so that we can keep track.

If they get hired, you get paid!

If the person you’ve referred gets hired, we thank you with a cash reward of $2000! Pretty sweet, eh?

We love referrals because we it helps us find the best talent in the city. You love referrals because you get a reward just for helping a friend.

Have more questions about our referral program? Email me at

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