New gdR Grow Events: Advanced topics and speakers to help you grow

Anna Starasts

September 23, 2014

Our team is constantly meeting with hundreds of people who work at some of Toronto’s best startups and software companies. One thing that every one of them has in common is that they want to keep learning. They want to expand their toolkit with the latest and greatest, to undertake a career path that will help them grow into a leadership role, or understand how other teams solve tough architecture decisions.

Despite the best of intentions, carving out the time, finding the right learning format, and overcoming a steep learning curve are some of the challenges to learning that these same people face.

Our team has starting gdR Grow Events to help make these challenges a little less daunting.

gdR Grow is a series of advanced, invite-only learning events aimed at Developers, but also DevOps, Product Managers, QA and leaders in tech. The events will provide access to expert speakers, aim to be high-value and high-impact on a specific topic, and have a small enough audience to encourage questions and generate lively discussions.

We’re always gathering ideas to help you grow. What topics would you love to learn about? Want to suggest a speaker that could challenge and delight a room of developers?

Email me at with your suggestions.

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