Our Expert Panel Tackles Reliability, Scale & Performance

Bruce Dorland

November 24, 2014

For our second gdR Grow learning event on Wednesday, November 26, we’re turning our attention to performance, scale and reliability (check out a recap of our first event, too). We’re bringing together 40+ CTOs, Developers, Architects, Tech Leads and DevOps Engineers for an interactive panel discussion, some pints and great food from It’s All GRK. Speaking with Toronto startup developers & DevOps Engineers revealed a thirst for exploring this topic, since both the dream and the challenge for many tech startups is scaling a high-performing product to millions of consistently satisfied users.

Here are some of the questions that inspired this event:

What are best practices, practical recommendations and humbling lessons-learned when scaling products to millions of users (or whatever scale equals)? How do you best define non-functional requirements and measure against them in production?

What are the criteria used to evaluate trade-offs between performance and control versus time-to-market? How can those trade-offs be communicated to business stakeholders of a product?

How to project what level to scale and optimize given the often unpredictable growth requirements? How much deployment pipeline and test automation contribute to a product’s ability to scale, perform and be reliable?

Our panelists will contribute their thoughts and experiences across the world of web and mobile apps, DevOps/systems and product management.

Ivan Yuen (@ivanyuen) – CTO & Co-Founder – Wattpad

Wattpad is the world’s largest community of readers and writers with over 60 million global users. Ivan’s past roles include CTO & Co-Founder of FeedM8, and Manager of Professional Services at Tira Wireless, where he was one of its first employees and helped grow the technical team and developed new and emerging wireless technologies.

Andrew Trossman (@tross) – Distinguished Engineer – IBM Cloud Stack

Andrew leads the IBM Common Cloud Stack – the technology behind IBM’s cloud portfolio such as SmartCloud Entry from STG, SmartCloud Provisioning and SmartCloud Orchestrator from Tivoli and IWD/PureApp from AIM. He specializes in cloud computing and is an expert in deployment automation, data center virtualization and cloud computing. In 2000 he co-founded ThinkDynamics, an early developer of utility computing software (acquired by IBM in 2003).

Kim Phelan (@kphelan) – VP Product – ClearFit

ClearFit is a SaaS platform for SMBs to find top candidates and predict their success. Previously, Kim led product management for startup and growth-stage tech companies including Remote Stylist, Achievers, Tucows and Changepoint.

Our next event in early 2015 is likely to be about the future of the front-end, or the IoT ecosystem & the opportunity it presents to Engineers.

We’re always sourcing idea to help you grow. We’ve been putting together learning events for Developers, DevOps, Product & QA with expert speakers and great food. Are there any topics you’d like us to explore at an upcoming event? Leave a comment or email anna AT grossmandorland.com.


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