We are a trusted partner of startups, scaleups and large tech companies for exec search, team recruiting and leadership development.

Team Recruiting

Recruiting top talent is becoming increasingly challenging. That is why, as your trusted partner, gdR taps into its vast global network to access the perfect candidates to move your business forward. We act as an extension of your organization’s brand, introducing you to a selection of 3-5 candidates for each position.

Our recruitment areas of expertise include:

Engineering & Systems

AI & Data

Product Design

Product Management

HR & People


Customer Success


Leadership Development

Have you been asking yourself these questions?

Alignment & Scale

Is who we are and what we stand for shared by all?

How do we get everyone on the same page?

How do we hire the ‘right’ people (fit & capacity)?

Leadership Capacity

How do we grow our stars into leaders?

How do our leaders create & sustain great teams?

How do our employees succeed as we grow?


Are the right people in the right seats?

Are our employees engaged?

How can we maximize output across teams?

Our objective is to develop high-performance team practices within the leadership that can be sustained. Our approach to training creates a common set of practices which ensures stronger performance and greater resilience. Fishbowl-style workshops and group coaching is used to train in a group setting in order to build trust, encourage sharing and transform performance.

We’ve walked in your shoes, having come from operating roles in the tech industry that have experienced the same growing pains that affect alignment and scale, leadership capacity and productivity. We are trained coaches that have based all of our modules on academic research, the latest in cognitive science, and the best research & models. Our program has been government funded, making it especially affordable and valuable investment in your growth.

People Who Trust Us

Jean-Michel Lemieux


SVP Engineering

Kristina Cleary

Ceridian Dayforce


Graham Toppin


VP Applied Sciences

Ashira Gobrin


SVP People

Karen Blakey


HR Director

David Crow

Danger Capital


Kylie Hill



Diane Scheidler


Director People

Karl Martin



Mike Stern



Scott Weinberg


Global Director

Sarah Cooper

OMERS Ventures

Talent Director