We are a trusted partner of startups, scaleups and large tech companies for exec search, team recruiting and leadership development training.

Team Recruiting

Recruiting top talent is becoming increasingly challenging. That is why, as your trusted partner, gdR taps into its vast global network to access the perfect candidates to move your business forward. We act as an extension of your organization’s brand, introducing you to a selection of 3-5 candidates for each position.

Our recruitment areas of expertise include:

Engineering & Systems

AI & Data

Product Design

Product Management

HR & People


Customer Success


Leaders @ Scale – Leadership Training Practice

Alignment & Scale

Leadership Capacity

High Performance Teams

The objective of our gdR Leaders @ Scale leadership training practice is to develop high-performance team practices that create resilient leadership, accelerate growth and create accountability in team performance. We’ve coached & trained 100s of emerging and seasoned leaders at leading startups and scaleup companies.

Our content is rooted in academic research, the latest in cognitive science, trusted models, and best practices in tech management and leadership. The foundation of our practice is built on coaching: we use a coaching-first approach in each workshop and our team includes professional CTI Co-Active coaches. The coaches encourage and support your people in developing the mindsets and habits of high-performing leaders. The program is practical, social, and highly engaging to ensure that people are able to share in a safe & trusted environment, while being able to immediately apply new tools and approaches to their day-to-day activities. We also work closely with your executive team to support your change processes and ensure our program is relevant and responsive to your company’s needs, context and priorities. Our ultimate goal is impact.

We expect you to see results: gdR clients see manager performance ratings increase from the start to end of the program, with the results continuing to grow long after program completion. Clarity and alignment will increase as people’s roles are better defined, accountabilities are clear, cross-functional teams build trust and a shared perspective, and leaders learn to have the crucial conversations needed to increase productivity, eliminate blindspots and proactively manage performance. Teams will use goal setting and scorecards to clearly understand and take ownership of their goals and have a clear view on how they impact company success.

This investment in your people will enable you to deliver new and higher quality products to market faster and more efficiently. We look forward to the prospect of learning more about your company and ultimately how we can best help you grow and thrive.

People Who Trust Us

Jean-Michel Lemieux



Solmaz Shahalizadeh


VP Data Science

Bradley Silver

Atomic Reach


Ashira Gobrin


Chief People Officer

Karen Blakey


HR Director

David Crow

Danger Capital


William M. Tatham

NexJ Systems

Founder and Chair

Diane Scheidler


VP Human Resources

Maria Cartagena

Kira Systems

SVP People Operations

Mike Stern



Scott Weinberg


Global Director

Sarah Cooper


VP People