The Benefits of Coaching: TheLuckyFew Podcast featuring Tara Rhodes

Jessica Rowen

February 2, 2017

So I might be slightly biased, but a super talented coach I know, Tara Rhodes (full disclosure, she’s a colleague at gdR), met up with Aaron Parker, the host of TheLuckyFew podcast, this week to talk about leadership coaching and development at gdR.

As she describes it “there are all these companies that are growing and don’t know how, so when we talk about leadership development and coaching, we’re helping people achieve the best results they can with the best people they can find.”

You can listen to Tara’s episode in full by clicking here.

“Living the life that you potentially could if you wanted to.”

About TheLuckyFew

TheLuckyFew is an employment podcast that features professionals who LOVE what they do, across all industries, so they can share the story of how they got to where they are. The intention is to provide listeners with step by step advice on how they can get there too! For more episodes, check out Aaron’s SoundCloud or iTunes.

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