Toronto tech is thriving and so should your career. Here’s how we can help.

Anna Starasts

March 23, 2016

Our team at gdR believes at our core that Canada has the ability to become an even more prominent global leader in technology. We believe that talented people, most of all, will enable Canada’s tech ecosystem to thrive. That’s why we work to help tech talent grow meaningful, fulfilling careers here at home and why we work to foster leadership in the Toronto tech community.

If you’re looking to grow your career, you don’t have to do it alone. Here’s how gdR can be a trusted agent and coach throughout your career.

–  Providing guidance: On how to progress your career and grow into leadership roles (e.g., Tech Lead, VP Eng) and new areas (e.g., big data, DevOps, IoT).

–  Your agent: We represent you to top tech companies, getting your resume and work seen by the people who have the power to hire. Don’t be left in the dark by applying on your own.

Your steadfast advocate: We don’t just forward resumes. We submit a few candidates to our clients and advocate for them until the end.

–  Helping you negotiate: Getting you a competitive offer is what we do best. You’ll get the offer you’re expecting – no surprises.

Deep insight: Strong relationships in the local tech community combined with our previous lives working in tech give us insight into the local tech ecosystem, emerging jobs and leading companies.

–  Access to invite-only events: Our invite-only leadership and tech events provide you with high-calibre, on-going learning and networking opportunities.

Helping you give back: We create opportunities for you to contribute to the tech community and build your personal profile outside of work. Our blog runs regular content with expertise from local talent and our event speakers are always Canadian tech experts.

–  Targeted expertise: We’re a cohesive team of driven people that are passionate about tech and know the Toronto job market inside and out.

We work with top notch companies that are leading the charge in the growth of Canadian tech. Here’s an overview of our typical clients:

High-growth leaders: Startups, growing midsize companies, large tech leaders and innovation labs in downtown Toronto with 10 to 200 employees.

VC-Backed: Financially-backed from leading North American Venture Capital investors.

Innovative products: Leading-edge products in IoT, connected devices, digital wallet, data science, machine learning, predictive analytics, and more.

Top leadership: Leadership teams of seasoned entrepreneurs with proven startup success.

Support Learning: Provide work environments that support learning and ample growth opportunities.

Engaging Culture: Have an entrepreneurial, engaging workplace culture and environment that includes lots of perks like flexible vacation, flex hours and free meals.

Interested in speaking with us about how we can help? Looking for advice or guidance about your next steps? Reach out anytime to


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