Web Unleashed! Toronto’s biggest front-end developer event of the year

Anna Starasts

October 1, 2014

On September 17th & 18th, nearly 580+ people packed into a wing of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for FITC’s Web Unleashed event, which brought together over 40 speakers on front-end development. Sessions dived into topics like developing for Virtual Reality, Swift, Responsive Design, Game Design, Mobile Web apps, HTML5, and modern JavaScript frameworks. Sessions were led by speakers that came from some of the who’s who of tech – Google, Reddit, Mozilla – but also local tech players like Rangle.io and Pivotal Labs. Attendees came from across North America and included a mix of developers (front-end, full-stack, mobile), Product Managers and Designers.

→ Here are some of our picks of the best presentations at FITC Web Unleashed (check out the slides or video):

4-Way Data Binding: Offline data synchronization with AngularJS by Daniel Zen (slides)

Building for the Material web with Polymer and Dart by Faisal Abid (slides)

Powerful backend & API solutions for single-page applications by Matias Niemela (slides)

Syncing Async by Kyle Simpson (slides)

Web Components by Jeff Tapper (video or slides)

Twitter Bootstrap Unleashed by Rami Sayar (video or slides)

→ Some of the speakers we heard the most rave reviews about include:

Matias Niemela, Core Developer on AngularJS (@yearofmoo)

Rami Sayar, Developer Evangelist for Microsoft (@ramisayar)

Andrew Smyk, Educator & UX Designer at Sheridan College (@andrewsmyk)

Bermon Painter, UX Designer & Frontend Developer at BlendConf (@bermonpainter)

Daniel Zen, CEO of Zen Digital – (@zendigital)

If you missed Web Unleashed, you can still view more presentation slides on the FITC website, videos on their Youtube page, or catch up on what the Twitterverse was saying about the event by searching the hashtag #WebU14.

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