Why is gdR making a move into the leadership coaching space?

Bruce Dorland

October 11, 2016

We listened to the community

gdR was founded with one core objective in mind – help grow the Canadian tech ecosystem. What better way to make an impact than by helping people that drive the ecosystem forward.

After close to ten years of recruiting for many of Canada’s top tech companies and connecting with thousands of people, we’ve learned that there is so much unrealized potential. Truth is, we often see people who are not growing in their career or contributing as they could because they don’t have the right guidance, aren’t equipped with the right skills, aren’t in the right role, or feel their not with the right company. But often times they’re in the right company and just need some coaching to get through new challenges.

We’ve seen it ALL over the years. Whether it’s a startup developer that has been thrown into a lead role with no experience managing people, or a young entrepreneur who has never been through scaling a company. Developing leadership skills and being coached through day-to-day situations is essential to their success and ultimately the company.

Time and time again we found ourselves asking, “given the talent is here, how do we grow leadership capacity in the tech ecosystem to create the next group of leaders?” We felt that leadership development and coaching was the natural solution to bridge that gap and a service that aligned well with our early objective of helping grow the community.

Partnering with Mic Berman

While we’ve provided many people and companies with guidance over the years, we recognized that we were not experts in the leadership coaching space. We knew that we would need to partner with an awesome leader with deep tech experience, both in scaling tech companies and coaching top leaders. Who better to partner with than Mic Berman? Mic is a leader in the tech community and our visions of helping Canadian tech grow and thrive aligns so well together. She’s truly awesome!

Mic has over twenty years experience in tech across the US, Canada, and Internationally. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the team having coached numerous leading startups and leaders. Her last operating role was COO of Freshbooks and has also held leadership roles at Mozilla, Yahoo, and CGI.

We also brought on Tara Rhodes, a truly passionate coach, who brings a combination of experience working in digital and coaching emerging leaders. She has unique insight into the mindset and strategies required to build a solid foundation for growth.

We want to make an impact

We have designed a flexible and affordable offering to meet the needs of everyone in the tech community. Whether you are a developer, product manager, designer or sys admin trying to work through something specific and only need a few hours of coaching or a growing startup in need of skills assessment, succession and growth planning, 360 reviews, or leadership development programs, we have a solution. Check out grossmandorland.com/leadership-development/ for more details.

If we’ve piqued your curiosity and you’d like to learn more, then let’s chat! If you’d like to talk about how we can help your company, please reach out to Mic – mic@grossmandorland.com. If you are an individual, please reach out to Tara – tara@grossmandorland.com.

Not ready just yet? We’ll be sharing more on leadership development in the coming weeks, so stay tuned by subscribing to gdR.

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