Zero UI: human-centric interactions & the dissappearing screen

Anna Starasts

August 6, 2015

At this summer’s SOLID conference in San Francisco, Andy Goodman of global design consultancy Fjord gave a talk about a topic we’ve often discussed on our team: the impact of the user interface (UI) moving away from screens and towards more intuitive, human-centric interactions like haptics, ambient intelligence and voice control.

This will surely have implications for the way companies design and develop products, and alter what it means to be a developer, product manager or designer in the future. For instance, designers will likely move away from current design applications and towards data-driven tools in order solve the non-linear, limitless ways that a user can interact with gesture controlled UI. Product Managers will be impacted by the changing nature of user stories. And frontend developers will have to build for completely different interfaces that they’re used to today. We can only guess what tech companies will look for in the future version of current jobs (or what new positions might emerge due to all this change).

As part of our gdR Grow lunch & discussion series, in September we’re hosting a forward-looking group discussion about Zero UI with designers, product managers and frontend developers.

How will UI’s that are more automatic, anticipatory and predictive impact the way this group collaborates in the future? What can they do about it now to get ahead of the curve and stay competitive in a fast-moving tech job market? Machines will soon interact with humans on their own terms – and we’ll explore how to be prepared.

We’re looking to invite people to the table who have experience around this topic to help lead the discussion, as well as individuals who want to come contribute their ideas and experience. We’ll be running multiple events in September. To attend or for more details, contact me at anna AT

Want to read more about Zero UI? Check out this piece in Fast Company or on the Fjord blog.

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